Voices of the Main Line Writers Group

We hide our treasures inside it when we travel. But sometimes fate makes us leave it behind. It becomes unclaimed baggage, waiting for a new owner.


Inside this collection are 21 treasures from the authors of the Main Line Writers Group. Open Unclaimed Baggage and you will find stories of braver and horror, loss and reconciliation, ghosts and demons, racial violence and death.


Join us, traveler. Pick up Unclaimed Baggage and see what treasure it contains.


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We are opening submisisons for our second book representing the Voices of the Main Line Writers with an expected publishing date of late 2016.


The purpose of the book is to create a document that represents the group and the talent within it. It will provide group members with a place to publish their work and provide them with an independent publishing credit. There are no fixed maximum number of items to be published; you are not competing with other writers for a spot. you are competing with yourself to submit a professional, polished piece that represents your work and writing voice.



Judging will be done on a rolling basis as submissions are made. There are advantages to making your submission early. If your piece is rejected without guidance on improving it for acceptance, you may submit a second piece. 


A team of five members of the group will serve as the editors for decision-making. Three editors will read any given piece to determine whether it can be included in the book. Their decision is based on writing and story quality. 



Your submission should be polished and ready for publication. We cannot stress this enough. The reviewers may or may not give you feedback on why it was not accepted.  You may be given direction and the opportunity to make changes or you may not, depending on the judges' opinions. 


Submissions should be less than 5,000 words and may be of any genre except straight erotica. Sexual situations and adult language will not rule the piece out so long as the piece warrants their inclusion and it is not straight erotica.


Your submission should include your name, email address and word count on the first page. It must be in Microsoift Word format. 


Submissions should be sent to: MainLineWritersGroup@gmail.com with the subject header BOOK SUBMISSION. the email is used for a number of purposes including monthly contest entries so the suject header is important


Authors submitting work for consideration must be paid members of the group at the time of submission and the time of publication. 



If you have any questions not answered here, please send an email to MainLineWritersGroup@gmail.com.