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TONY CONAWAY January 6, 1955 ~ January 22, 2021


Tony was co-founder of both the Main Line Writers Group and the Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group. He was a man with a strong presence, a booming voice and huge writing talent.


Tony was a writer's writer. No matter who was speaking, he had a pad and pen ready to take down notes, although skill-wise he may have been an even better writer than the person talking. There was always something he could learn. The books he read featured "sticky notes" poking out of three sides. The color coding he used meant something to him that was unfathomable to the average person.

Tony was also a two-time past president of the Brandywine Valley Writers Group. He gave more to other writers than I have ever seen a writer give. He edited their books, gave valuable critique (and when not to give critique) and pushed people to submit and publish. 

Tony's blog is still online although the last posting was in 2019.

We had a tribute for Tony which you can view here

Tony was a great man and a great writer. He is missed.

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