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2016 MLWG Writing Contest

Welcome to the 2016 Main Line Writers Group

Writing Contest

The Main Line Writers Group/Wilmington Writers Group Writing Contest is a part of the group's effort to encourage member writers to develop their skills and network with other writers.The top three entries and their authors, as chosen by the judge(s), will receive recognition following each contest period. 

Monthly Contest

Each month in 2016, the Main Line Writers Group/Wilmington Writers Group will open a new contest for submissions from the first to the last day of the indicated month. The winners will be announced at the next MLWG and WWG meetings. Each contest will be focused on a different theme and submission requirements. Submissions must fit into the contest requirements to be considered. 


Each month, a new judge or judges will be chosen, who will be responsible for selecting the winning entries. 


Submission Requirements

  • You may submit one piece per contest.

  • Your submission should be formatted in 12 point Times Roman, double spaced, with your name, email and word count at the top of the first page of the document.  

  • It must be saved and submitted in Microsoft Word format. If you use a Macintosh, please research how to save in that format (you can). 

  • Submit your entry as an attachment to

  • Your piece must be submitted by midnight of the last day of the month for the contest. 

  • You must be a current paid member of either the Main Line Writers Group or the Wilmington Writers Group to have your entry accepted.



Bragging Rights

For each contest period, the group will recognize three authors for their writing efforts. The recognition will take place both on-line and in person at the Main Line Writers Group and Wilmington Writers Group at the meeting directly following the judging. Your fellow group members, will help celebrate your honor. Winners receive a certificate and maybe a silly hat to wear at the meeting where they are honored.

The Contest Topics

  • JANUARY -  Theme: Love and/or Hate - Flash Fiction <1000 words

  • FEBRUARY - Theme: Winter - <2500 words

  • MARCH - Theme: Work - < 5,000 words

  • APRIL - Theme: Child or Children - <1500 words

  • MAY - Theme: Any topic  - 50 words exactly

  • JUNE - Theme: Noir - < 3,500 words

  • JULY - Theme: Vacation or Driving - <3,500 words 

  • AUGUST - Opening Line - There was a knock at the door - Flash Fiction <1000 words

  • SEPTEMBER - Theme: Work - <3,500 words

  • OCTOBER - Theme: Halloween - <2500 words

  • NOVEMBER - Theme: Christmas - < 5,000 words

  • DECEMBER - Theme: Death - <5,000 words


Pieces can incorporate the indicated topic as a primary or a side theme and be in any genre.


Other Important Contest Facts

The entry remains property of the author and will not be openly published without the permission of the author. Because it will not actually be "published", the author can consider  placing it for "first publication" any place that will accept it as such.

Questions? Comments?

Drop an email to and I will be happy to get back to you.


1st PLACE  -  Hat & Glove - Joan Hill

2nd PLACE - Cut To The Chase - Marian Brooks

3rd PLACE  - Options - Robert McGovern

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