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An immediate sense of “I know you, soul to soul like never before experienced, and all this with the exchange of few words. The eyes tell the story instantly - and life can never be the same. Two people having the same spiritual, chemical, passionate, explosive reaction to one another on first sight, like an earthquake after the dust settles, recognize that the old is gone forever, having been replaced with a startling new vista, leaving no choice but to be present in the upheaval, no matter what. There is no before, and no after; There is only endlessness, timelessness.


Spiritual, bright Jen did not know where the strange synchronicity of the next 24 hours would lead. In fact, with her usual busy schedule, it would be farthest from her mind, but not for long. Working on a photo shoot in a very prestigious Hotel demanded complete focus. True, this project, a photo shoot for a new magazine, with herself as the feature cover story, could be great fun and for those who are artistically bent, real satisfaction when end result is visually exciting! This day all preparations made - Jen’s team filled the lobby of Hotel LeChateau (much to the disgust of the previously all too willing management) , who now complained that the place was being “overrun” by people, equipment, etc) Not a good start - bad energy! To add more drama as if more was needed, shortly before today’s photo shoot, Jen showed up at the Baldwin Hotel, another grande old Hotel in the City only to find out that she was in the wrong place. Jen’s astute assistant called the desk there to inquire if Jen had gone there erroneously. “Yep, she sure did, but no worries - she is off to the proper venue, LeChateau, a short distance away”. In spite of the chaotic start, the photo shoot went well, mission satisfactorily accomplished, that is, until the next morning.

Meg Wilson, journalist, and friend of Jen’s, wrote the story about Jen and her career. Hence the photo shoot for the magazine with which Meg was affiliated. Excited, Jen was to be the cover girl for this issue: nice bit of PR - always welcome! Meg, trying not to sound too crazed, called Jen next morning to tell her that the Photographer ruined ALL the photos taken at Le Chateau ,and that they would have to reshoot the whole project. However, they were not permitted to reshoot at same Hotel (Management - disgust with us, etc.)! Meg, the dear girl, had solved the problem. Having spoken to the brand new General Manager, Charles Kent, of the nearby other Grande Dame in the City, The Baldwin Hotel, she announced that all were quite welcome to do the photo shoot there, any where in the Hotel, and would be welcome with offers to help with whatever was required. Perfect! All dressed up for cover photo, Jen, with her usual-positive-attitude-full- of -enthusiasm energy, arrived at The Baldwin, and happily found a lovely setting for the venue. So, here we go again, this time with great relief- all were welcome here! Meg decided to have Jen photographed first for the cover. Once that was done, Jen went for a cup of tea in the Hotel Baldwin’s loveliest restaurant adjoining the shoot location.

Finally having a moment of relaxation, enjoying the loveliness of the room, with her cheeks still full of scone and luscious Devon Cream , Jen was quite taken aback by the most glorious blue eyed man she had ever seen as he walked toward her. Bowing while shaking her hand with welcoming British accented words, and offers to call upon him for whatever she needed, Charles Kent, the new GM, introduced himself while handing Jen his business card. …………………..And if he had proposed marriage at that moment, she would have accepted!!

Speechless and stunned, Jen knew that she knew, and, in that flash of exchange, she knew that he knew, as she would soon have verified. Once her large eyes calmed to normal, and her red lips finally closed after shock, Jen had begun to understand the meaning of the word synchronicity as she quickly recalled the events of the past two days. She saw clearly the hand of fate sending her to the wrong but very right Hotel initially, in fact, it had sent her to the perfect Hotel, the one which led her to the love of her life.


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