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Many people work at office buildings, restaurants, stores, or many other out of home establishments. I, on the other hand, work from my home. There are a lot of different reasons for working from home and my motivations are simple.

The most important job that I have is making sure that I raise two beautiful human beings, inside and out. I want them to thrive in every capacity of everything that they do. My work entails teaching my children, cleaning my home, making food for everyone, making smiles, and creating two well diversified and awesome children, to say the least.

Some people think that I just sit around eating bonbons all day while my children play or do their school work, but what actually happens differs greatly. It’s true, my day starts whenever I feel like starting it and ends when I feel like ending it, but the in between is lots of work.

My day starts with making the children breakfast and having them get ready for the day, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. We then sit down with our school books and work until lunch, at which time I prepare a healthy meal to sustain them for a few hours. After lunch, if there is some school work that was not finished, we sit and finish their work. I always stay beside the children in case a question arises or they just simply need help (also, they don’t like when I leave them to do other things). When school is finished, the children get to play, but I do not.

I may occasionally get online or write something new, but most of my time is spent cleaning or trying to better myself or family in some way. Most weekdays, I take the children to classes or meetings. There is not a lot of time just for me.

Dinner is always fun. Some nights it is so crazy that I throw whatever I can together, but usually I try to make it something the whole family will enjoy. We don’t eat out much, so I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen and preparing food. I really like concocting different foods to munch, but it has become difficult at times to make anything at all.

After dinner is through, I clean up, again, and try to relax as much as I can. The children are playing together, but much of the time, they want my husband and me to play a game with them. We can’t deny them that fun.

When the children finally go to bed, I get to relax. It’s only for an hour or two, but it is so worth it. Television, book, game, whatever I want to do…but it never includes bonbons.

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