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March Contest: Work

Welcome to the March Main Line Writers Group contest. Each piece needs to incorporate a major or minor theme of WORK in some way. All pieces are under 5,000 words. Remember that you must read all of the posted pieces to be able to vote. All March entries have an icon that say March in blue!

Please use the comment function to leave feedback for the authors. I know that they would all appreciate it!

The link for the voting survey is:

Voting works like this: you are asked for your top three, in order of first, second, and third. I count the total votes for all entries.

Scoring works like this: Pieces with the most votes gets first place, second most gets second place and third most gets third place (regardless of their selection as first, second or third). If two pieces get an identical amoount of votes, I use the indications of first, second and third to break the tie and select their relative award. Said another way, the top three most popular from the voting are selected as first, second and third place. The selection of each as first, second and third is used only if there are ties for total votes.

Voting ends on Tuesday April 14 at 9 p. m. Awards will be given at the Main Line Writers Group April meeting the next day.

All the best!


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